Week 9 Term 3. A Big Hoorah. We made it!

Suddenly it’s that time again, when we realise we’ve had several wonderful weeks with our sketching buddies and tutor. Some students say they come to sketching because of the friends they’ve made, and it’s the best day of the week.

Sketches this week were whatever people wanted to revise/revisit/ have another crack at.
The overall subject this week was nature’s seeds and pods on dark or tinted paper in whatever style one wished.
One class added twig and ink floral pages, followed by tinted paper and seed pods.
Others tried line, hatching, texture and tone, topped off with watercolour.
Harry Hartog was voted their choice for one of the classes this week. Always inspiration in the books there.

Adventure class who of course do something entirely different, decided to sketch in trendy Annandale. Capturing the essence was the idea, and indeed they did.

Lots of variety in our last week’s sketches from everyone. Keep up the good work you’ve put in and we’ll be back together soon.


Travel Sketching with Toni at Harry Hartog Booksellers.


Adventure Sketching with Kathy at the very cool inner city suburb of Annandale, Sydney


Travel Sketching with Toni in the Manly Studio Sydney

The Rocks and Rose Bay
Travel Sketching with Tammy. All students travelling this week, so we’ll await more sketches from them next term.


Intro to Travel Sketching with Gaye in Manly Studio and Crinitis Restaurant


Travel Sketching with Erin. In the Manly Studio and The Newsagent Cafe Fairlight.

That's it for this week. See you here next week even though we’re on Term break. I will be in Southern Spain, but you are not forgotten!


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