Week 8 Term 3. Flowers & Tranquility

When you see the beauty in this week’s sketches, you’d have to say we’ve never had such a beautiful week.

Tables were covered from one end to the other in glorious blooms. Beautiful specimens, large and small, delicate and bold. Everyone was smiling. Flowers bring beauty and wonder and a feeling of wellbeing.
Loads of that this week.

Our Intro Sketchers also joined the flower revolution this week. Their sketches and colour show just how far they’ve come. Stunning.

Adventure sketchers quietly contemplated the scenes with the Chinese Gardens in Sydney. So tranquil, as were their sketches.


Travel Sketching with Toni in the Manly Studio Sydney


Adventure Sketching with Kathy at The Chinese Gardens, Sydney


Travel Sketching with Toni in the Manly Studio Sydney

The Rocks and Rose Bay
Travel Sketching with Tammy at Jewel on the Bay, Rose Bay Sydney


Intro to Travel Sketching with Gaye in Manly Studio Sydney


Travel Sketching with Erin. Everyone away this week. See you for last class next week.

A teeny taste of one of the Sketching Tours for next year. With Erin & Kate.

‘Puglia to Pompeii’ in September 2019

You can see from these irresistible pics that Kate is working her fingers to the bone checking each hotel, tasting the cuisine, testing the best local aperitifs in the places we’ll be staying. Somehow she’s had time to sketch too. Join us.

That's it for this week. See you here next week.


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