Week 7 Term 3. Shiny,Pretty,Reflective

This was a week to look at all things shiny, glittery, reflective, polished, see though and all.
Here's where your observation becomes finely tuned as you look for the colours which make it appear that way.
What colours do you see? 50 shades of grey or a 50 hues of glorious colour.

One thing we learned is that you can actually use similar colours for glass and silver, but we use more water for glass, and a lot more pigment for silver.
Entirely up to you however. Whatever you can see that gives it the effect you're after.

A few students, being right into colour, added on sketching at the David Jones Annual Spring Flower Show in the city. A wonderful sketch location indeed.

Our Adventurous ones were sketching in the middle of Grand Central Station. I love the pic where one of our students looks like she's about to be arrested by those folk in coloured vests. Actually I think they wished they could sketch too. Spice Alley was their next location, totally without incident. Whew.

For others it was people! EEEk. How can one ever sketch those figures which never stop moving.
Well this week you tamed them. There they were right in front of you and you simply looked for the shape, or form or design of people. As always, we plan the page and look for the gestural lines to get action and movement. Another sketching notch in your belt.



Travel Sketching with Toni in the Manly Studio Sydney


Adventure Sketching with Kathy at Grand Central Station and Spice Alley Sydney


Travel Sketching with Toni in the Manly Studio Sydney

The Rocks and Rose Bay
Travel Sketching with Tammy at David Jones Flower Show Sydney City.


Intro to Travel Sketching with Gaye at The Studio and Girdlers Cafe. Manly Sydney


Travel Sketching with Erin in the Manly Studio Sydney

And a few sketches from EHS Sketch Languedoc France
Workshop with Annette in the seaside village of Bages

That's it for this week. See you here soon.


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