Week 6 Term 3. Strange & Fantastic Creatures

Strange goings-on in our sketch subjects this week. The stranger the creature the more we loved it.

Matt Blatt is a contemporary very cool homewares showroom, filled with all sorts of eccentric decor. Very much fantasy land!  Nothing wrong with a pink striped zebra with an apricot floral headdress. Or a tall green life size horse. Huge fun had by all and everyone wants to go back.
Zjoosh was another very appealing venue  for a different group. More less and delicate and very beautiful.

New sketchers were learning about eye level and how that creates perspective.
This is one lesson where truly observing the shapes and angles of your architecture does pay off. It's all there but can we see it!!

Everyone has an aha moment once our foundation graph is studied. Of course it makes sense - until you get on location. A good coffee always fixes everything.


Travel Sketching with Toni at Matt Blatt Homewares Showroom


Adventure Sketching with Kathy Pier 8 Wharf, The Rocks


Travel Sketching with Toni at Matt Blatt Homewares Showroom

The Rocks and Rose Bay
Travel Sketching with Tammy at Zjoosh Store


Intro to Travel Sketching with Gaye at New Brighton Hotel The Corso


Travel Sketching with Erin at Matt Blatt Showroom

And a few sketches from EHS Melbourne
Week 7 with Jeanette at Gasworks. 

That's it for this week. See you here soon.


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