Week 4 Term 3. Storytelling in Glass

We were immersed in colour this week. For some it was first watercolours in nature, for another group it was the colour in early architecture, and for others the rich colours of stained glass.

Stained glass windows go back to the 11th century, usually in places of worship. The subjects were mainly religious in nature and designed to tell stories of faith and morality to people who couldn’t read. They were also to beautify the structure and have a profound effect on the congregation. Art as stained glass has been around since the 11th century. It goes back to Greek and Roman times. You’ll find it in centuries old architecture of Iran and Asia. We were observing differing design styles and the colours used in the glass itself. 

For us as travel Sketchers we are also storytelling. It may not be in glass (though some of our work could well be) but it’s the story of your moment in paint. So to sit and take in another artist’s historical story in glass, from so long ago, is a lovely connection to them. 


Travel Sketching with Toni


Adventure Sketching with Kathy at Victoria Park & Old Grace Bros Building


Travel Sketching with Toni

The Rocks
Travel Sketching with Tammy


Intro to Travel Sketching with Gaye


Travel Sketching with Erin

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