Term 3 Week 7. Blooms Flowers and Foliage

Sydney Australia


Rose Bay
Monday private lesson with Tammy.
People Sketching. Continuous line faces. People proportions and head sketches.


Travel Sketching with Toni
 In the Studio. Abstract blooms, repetition. Technique: Line and colour pages for use later to create cards, bookmarks or tea towels. Try different mediums.


The Rocks
Intro Sketching
with Tammy
Fun with faces and figures. Establishing body proportions and creating action.


Rose Bay

Travel Sketching with Tammy at Rose Bay.
Blooms in all forms. Light and delicate, strong and colourful, with a view to creating bookmarks and greeting cards.


Intro to Travel Sketching with Kirsten.
Manly Saturday Intro wk 7: Learning about the proportions of our various bits and pieces and how the variation in these makes each of us unique. Fun (in a challenging way!) to pass our books around and draw each other

Melbourne Australia

Term 3 over. Book now for Term 4 ‘19 with Jeanette

Auckland New Zealand

General and New Sketching Classes with Tony and Peter
Up close, very close, now further away. Looking at things differently.


If you’re a food lover, a wine lover and sketcher, we have just the recipe. We’ll book you a class where you’ll cook classic French dishes, and sketch the ingredients before hand. You’ll dine on your food creation and sketch by beside Canal du Midi. This is a great day for a group. Get in touch if you’d like to book a day

That's it for this week. Happy Sketching till next time. Always happy to hear what you’re up to.


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