Term 2 Week 8. All good things must come to an end - but more is coming.

Sydney Australia


Rose Bay
Intro to Sketching with Tammy.
Another day of intermittent rain. We were able to sketch the scene of Rose Bay from Jewel on the Bay.


Travel Sketching with Toni
Our final week of the term at Matt Blatt Homestore. Fantastic array of exotic decor and such fun sketch subjects. They always welcome us here.


The Rocks
Intro Sketching
with Tammy
The bicycle is a great sketch subject, especially when you have to sketch one without looking!! We save the day by then having a real one. Follow that with some lovely interior sketches. A lovely last week of Term.

Rose Bay

Travel Sketching with Tammy at Rose Bay.
We managed to come up with some very stylish animal sketches using coloured papers and imagination. A gorgeous conclusion the Term 2.


Travel Sketching with Donna
Animals at Matt Blatt Home Store.
We were welcomed by staff on a busy Saturday, offered coffee and told to make ourselves at home. Lots of comfy designer furniture to relax on and so many animals to sketch.

Intro to Travel Sketching with Kirsten.
Saturday Intro wk 8: A very sad tutor saying farewell to a lovely set of students as they set off to to put their new skills to practice. But we finished on a high note- a visit to our local Manly Gallery that’s showcasing the original urban sketchers - Australian 19th century artists abroad using watercolor and inks to capture what they saw. As for us - we drew bicycles from memory a la Gianluca Gimini, and then from life, in the studio and then at Manly Wharf, with ciders and some happy reminiscing over the past great eight weeks.

Auckland New Zealand

Figures and portraits with Peter and Tony


Workshops in Languedoc with Erin and Annette.
The starling babies are learning to fly, at Hotel d’Alibert. I have also flown, to London but will be back for more sketch workshops in France in a week. Such gorgeous locations and places we’ll be. Can’t wait.

London UK

UpComing Travel Sketch Workshops at Cass Art Islington London with Erin
We’ve had so much interest from the UK about when we’d do Workshops here. This year I added it to the agenda and have 3 full day Workshops at the amazing Cass Art Store. This is the flagship of its 13 stores throughout UK. 100 years supporting artists.

That's it for this week. Happy Sketching till next time. Always happy to hear what you’re up to.


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