Term 2 Week 6. Getting Loose with Watercolour

Sydney Australia


Rose Bay
Intro to Sketching with Tammy.
Warm up sketch in continuous line of funny little cars. Then out on location for eye level perspective in watercolour.


Travel Sketching with Donna with Toni’s group.

Our studio this week was at Harry Hartog’s Bookseller. A real favourite of our sketchers. We were studying design and colour, negative shape and pattern, inspired by teapots, jugs and cups and of course the marvellous decor and books all around.


The Rocks
Intro Sketching
with Tammy
A watercolour warmup sketch of some gorgeous flowers. Then catchup class on Week 5’s flat perspective.

Rose Bay

Travel Sketching with Tammy at Rose Bay.

A little experimenting in our class this week. Our theme was tea cups, teapots and a variety of old jugs. In some sketches we took the positive design and put them into negative space, using the shape of the jug as the negative. We also took elements from the teapots and created pure design including tiles.


Travel Sketching with Donna
Another gorgeous day at Harry Hartog Booksellers. We were getting very creative with outline, black and white and monotone sketches. Thanks to the lovely T2 people for the great samples of hot tea. Focussing on negative space was actually quite positive. A good cuppa tea is the answer to everything.

Intro to Travel Sketching with Kirsten.
This week it was about putting things into perspective - as always. The technicalities caused some furrowed brows, but in the end sketchers were pleasantly surprised by how the magic tricks made their buildings come to life.

Manly Sunday Workshops with Donna

This month we had a group of lovely people who’d been very keen to try ‘A Taste of Sketching Workshop’. Donna was tutor and certainly ran them through their paces. We cover a lot in a short time, but enough to get people excited and want to continue their journey to being a Sketcher.

Auckland New Zealand

Travel Sketching with Tony.
New sketchers this week in both Takapuna and Devonport were mastering flat perspective.
General sketchers were with tutor Peter Burt on water, sea, sand and rocks at Cheltenham Beach.

Paris France

Our 3 day Workshop was a great success. Our sketchers were from Vienna and London and very keen to enjoy the magic of Paris and learn the skills of sketching in an iconic location such as this. We covered shape and page planning right through to flat and eye level perspective with such gorgeous reference as Notre Dame, classic French apartment buildings, people in action, cafes and people and delicious French pastries.
Join us for another 3 day Paris Workshop in June 2020.


Our much anticipated Travel Sketch Workshop with Urban Sketchers New York sold out in one day.
15 very keen students were excited to learn how to loosen up with watercolour. We started at the big table upstairs at Brookfields which is a marvellous location beside the Hudson River, designed for everybody and anybody to enjoy the parks gardens, shopping and entertainment.
Page planning is vital so we covered that and onto the 8 watercolours colours we use in layers and applied with big strokes, leaving plenty of whites.
Down by the water, we planned the page and following my demo, everyone got stuck in and loosened up beautifully. Great sketches and very free and bright. Exactly what we want.

More New York workshops are planned for September 2109, following the Italy Sketch Tour. Check the website under USA.

That's it for this week. Happy Sketching till next time. Always happy to hear what you’re up to.


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