Term 2 Week 4. Watercolour discoveries.

Sydney Australia


Rose Bay
Intro to Sketching with Tammy.
Moving into first watercolour sketching.


Travel Sketching with Donna
Simplifying an expansive vista, starting with paint first, line later.


The Rocks
Intro Sketching
with Tammy
Watercolour techniques discovered.

Rose Bay

Travel Sketching with Tammy at Rose Bay.
Looking at simplifying a large vista using paint first and detail later.


Travel Sketching
with Donna
At North Head Manly, sketching the huge panorama into simple shapes.

Intro to Travel Sketching with Kirsten.
Discovering watercolour and the layering effect.

Auckland New Zealand

Travel Sketching with Tony.
Tone and texture and pattern. Light and dark.

Languedoc. South of France

South of France with Annette.
July 20th is our ‘5 Simple Shapes in Travel Sketching’ workshop at Inspire Boutique Vinotel, in the village of Azille.

That's it for this week. Happy Sketching till next time.


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