Term 1 Week 1. Here we go, hang on for the ride.

Everyone was ready and excited to start our first term for 2019.

Welcome to 3 full classes of Intro Sketchers and I hope you all join the Newsletter to see all that we get up to. It keeps you connected and up to date with what’s going on in our big sketching world. (Front page of website, along the base www.erinhillsketching)

You’ll be delighted to see the first sketchers from Intro classes. You’ll all remember doing those first shapes which turned out as flowers and how amazed you were. It works and you are a sketcher from your very first class.

Travel Sketching classes had a wonderful subject for the first week.
Repeat pattern and design. This was a really interesting idea, to look at pattern and form on products and in nature. As we always remind you. Everything is a shape. But we were looking very much at it as repeat pattern and another way to study your travel sketching subject.
In Saturday class we decided to choose 4 different countries and look for typical repeated pattern. So Cuba, France, Italy and Australia all became pattern.

We channelled David Hockney when we went to the park to see how he uses design in his landscapes. Most rewarding.

It simply gives you another way to look differently at what’s around you. Yes it’s challenging and we don’t like to be out of our comfort zone, and we naturally want to make everything match what we see. But this time we’re saying Stop. Look at the colours, the light, the dark and the focus. Choose any colours you like. It’s yours and you can.


Travel Sketching with Pamela


The Rocks and Rose Bay
Intro to Travel Sketching with Tammy at MCA Cafe


Travel Sketching with Pamela


Intro to Travel Sketching with Gaye

Rocks/Rose Bay

Travel Sketching with Tammy at Rose Bay


Travel Sketching with Erin

Intro to Travel Sketching with Donna

That's it for this week. Happy Sketching till next time.


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