Week 1 Term 3. Sepia vistas & red hibiscus

This was a new week, a new term, back with old friends and new. 

For our regular sketchers it was so beautiful being out on location gazing across the blue water to a vision of Manly beyond. However we were using sepia, instead of the intense paint colours you usually worked in. This week we were learning to look for tone. Finding where we wanted to add darks and middle tones to get dimension. Some of our sepia pen work began to show pink and yellow undertones as it dried. Fascinating. 

In the city the Adventurers were enjoying capturing the tonal beauty of the Great Synagogue facade. 

Our Intro sketchers arrived full of anticipation and were soon creating their first red hibiscus sketch. Plus learning to see it in step by step shapes. Everyone succeeded and were delighted with what ended up on the page. All this while learning the tricks of white tops and sides. Such a different way to get dimension but very quick and effective. Exactly what we want. 

So let's see our first week's work for Term 3......


Travel Sketching with Toni


Sydney Adventure Sketching with Kathy
The Great Synagogue Facade, Elizabeth St


Travel Sketching with Toni

The Rocks
Travel Sketching with Tammy


Intro to Travel Sketching with Gaye


Travel Sketching with Erin

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