Discovering your own city through sketching

One of the great things about sketching is where it can take you.

There’s a whole new reason to go and look at views vistas and places with a sketchbook in hand. Lately I’ve had time to do some exploring round parts of Sydney harbour I’ve never been to. Here's some of my highlights.

Greenwich Point, Greenwich

We’d been with friends taking out their boat at Greenwich. The view from the wharf at the bottom of a road you’d never find is utterly magical. This was one of Sydney’s perfect winter days. Clear cobalt skies. Cerulean, Hookers green and purple lake water. Sparkling whites and crisp sap green foliage. I couldn’t resist sitting on the wharf and sketching. My feeling was it should be done entirely in watercolour and no black line. The results were quite pleasing. 

Clark’s Point, Hunters Hill

Then on to something completely different. A massive dry dock for huge yachts and larger boats. Very industrial looking one way and then spin around and be wowed by the view towards the harbour bridge back to the city. Plus - and this is the best part - an enormous cafe open all day where one can sketch from picture windows if it isn’t pleasant outside. Of course any place for good coffee with a great view is a find. 


Coal loader Reserve, Waverton

My latest discovery is Coal loader reserve. Yes I know everyone has been but I’m a bit behind!

Such a gorgeous day starting with some Tai Chi. I really wanted to see what this place was all about so some of us went down to the tunnels where the coal used to be dropped onto waiting wagons and taken to the wharf. 

The place is everything to do with conservation and it’s impressive. We had a lunch booking coming up so a quick sketch looking over the vista took 15 mins. Done. 

From Coal Loaders reserve..jpg

I know there are many more views and vistas to be found around Sydney harbour and we Sketchers will do our best to find them. Our Adventure Sketch classes certainly will be. 

Tell us your favourites.

Happy sketching and discovering.

Erin Hill