My Traveling Sketching Life. Summer Festivities.

All during the summer months in France, each little village or town will have free musical concerts for the locals. Plus village dinners, and get togethers everywhere you go, and you’ll find yourself joining in.

This weekend there were quite a few different evening events, even if its a singer at the local bar. And they’re all darn good.

Friday was Tapas and Rose at Chateau Rieux, a grand old place with barrel tables set up in the garden for the jazz concert featured that night.
Next two nights was Moules and Frittes in Trausse. Order your dinner and drink at the bar and at 8.00PM sharp you can line up and collect your feast. A singer serenades the guests, tossing her feather boa around the fellows and moving through the crowd.

Next evening back we went after dinner ( moules and frittes is great one night only!) and this time it was full volume House Music and flashing light show. It intrigues us to see the village folk including Grandma and the baby all sitting together listening to whatever is dished out. The music is free so they stay till the end.

Sunday was a Baroque concert up a vertical mountain town called Lespinassiere. Truly mind boggling getting up there. I can’t even say the name of the place properly, so I could never live there cos I couldn’t tell anyone where I lived! Loved the concert when we finally found the old church where it was. Jam packed! Good grief. Locals come from many nearby villages to hear these concerts. Drinks outside afterwards and lots of conversation with anybody standing next to you. It’s gorgeous.

This week I’ve been sketching a gorgeous chateau I’ve admired for awhile. You will pass half a dozen different ones on any drive you take. I’ve now sketched one side of Chateau Remaury, on the edge of Azille, and met the owner before he was off to lunch midday. Loved the story and family history and will go back next week with a student to sketch the front, with lake and so on. Breath taking.

Friends were having their Summer party one eve mid week. Thats a gorgeous winding drive to Ferrals les Montagne. A beautiful big sprawling home with lovely gardens, roses spilling over fences and a very large terrace and inviting swimming pool. The it’s 36 degrees you don’t hesitate.

It’s surprising what actually happens in these little villages where there never seems to be anyone around. Behind those doors - it’s all happening. Never a dull moment.

Erin Hill