My Traveling Sketching Life. Olonzac Markets

Every Tuesday from early till midday the Olonzac markets take over several streets. About 15mins drive from our village. These are considered some of the best around, although every village has a market once a week. Very small villages have vans that arrive in the mornings, play very loud old time music over a speaker to alert you to them being there. You could be in a broom cupboard and you’d hear them!

The main street, Alle General de Gaulle, in Olonzac, where the cafes are, tend to be clothing (mostly linen!) hats bags shoes and home items. Side streets are where the artisans and local food producers are. All morning people hustle bustle and squeeze past each other to carefully choose their items. What you soon realise is that prices are very cheap. Compared to Australia or elsewhere. You’ll see some of the costs on many of the foods shown below.. All hand written too.

The bread I bought that day came from a tiny boulangerie a little beyond where the markets are. They still bake it in the original wood fired oven. How amazing. Mind you, they’ve done it that way since forever, so it’s not amazing to them. It’s just happens to be what they do.

One of the restaurants I love is Citadel. It’s past the food stalls. Tables under the trees and the best salads. Great to gather here once the markets have gone by midday.

Cafe Le Post seems to be front and centre as you begin the markets, but my favourite is Cafe Le Ty Zac. Great coffee and a nice outdoor area. They have a lovely terrace upstairs too, nice if it’s raining. The other day we sat with our coffees and while I sketched, so many people we know stopped for conversation and a chat. Mind you we were with Marilyn and Steve so that means everybody!! Everyone seems in a great mood. It’s hard not to be. What we love is that life in this area is how it’s always been. Not touristy at all. very much slowed down in fact.

Erin Hill