My Traveling Sketching Life. Azille South of France

People seem quite interested in the idea of living out of a suitcase for several months each year. It certainly teaches you how much ‘stuff’ you don’t need. So with that in mind and the gorgeous places we visit to teach sketching, I’ll add a few pics every now and then. You are welcome to ask for more info on the things that interest you. I want you to feel that you can do the same. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Book your tickets now!

Our home in the Village of Azille

Because we spend so much time each year in the South of France, we either stay in our very special village of Trausse, or in Azille. Depends which one is available. Both are home. From here I can work with Annette our France Licensee doing classes and Workshops in villages all over the area from here to the coast. It’s such beautiful countryside and whenever we spend time here, we drift into relax mode. Time seems less important. Watching little birds learn to fly is far more interesting.

We love our evenings on the top terrace of this 4 level house - lots of stairs - keeps you fit. The days are very hot, averaging 33 or more each day. So when it begins to cool it’s lovely up there when we eat around 9pm, and watch the sun go down around 10.00PM. Other pics show some of the quirky sculptures, narrow laneways, cats in windows.

We drove last night through the vine country after frittes and moules in Trausse to our home in Azille. How magnificent is the colour as the sun goes down? Love that big old chateau too. Going to check it out for sketching. They make a good drop of wine too.

Erin Hill