Watercolour Sketch Workshop. Paint only, no lines

Monday March 25th.

Sometimes one feels like a change to our watercolour techniques.

Deciding to sketch only in a wash of blue paint certainly changes the approach. This is an excellent way to sketch if you don’t have anything else with you but a brush and some paint. As you know, I think we can sketch with anything at all and it’s very helpful to change it up a little sometimes. We all like to be a bit safe, but this will push you to learn a little more about yourself.

We chose the Paris inspired still life of champagne and macarons. As always I did the demo first and sketchers could work along with me and of course we start with a thumbnail to plan the page.
Later we didi a quick water/beach scene in the same technique. The results were amazing and despite the fear and trembling every sketch was a great moment in our progress as Travel Sketchers

Erin Hill