Taste of Sketching Sunday Workshop. May 19 '19

Our taste of Monthly Taste of Sketching Workshops are designed for those who’d like to learn Travel Sketching and may not be able to attend weekly classes. You can then join Sunday follow up classes.

Travel Sketching is for everybody as This month’s group discovered.
Kirsten guided the excited students through first observation exercises and soon they were on the way.
As you’ll see pages came to life with simple flower shapes flowed by tree forms.

Having completed ‘Taste’ you are ready to join ‘Next Steps’ with a new subject each month and see you sketches progress..

Next Taste of Sketching Sunday -June 16th with Donna

Next Steps Sundays -
June 2nd with Donna - Getting Architecture Right
July 7th with Donna - Beach Water and Waves

Erin Hill