London Travel Sketching Workshops - June/July 2019

Join me on our Travel Sketch Workshops
Venue: Cass Art Islington, 66 -67 Colebrooke Rowe, London N1
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Sunday June 30th. ‘Simple Shapes in Travel Sketching’ 12.00NOON - 5.00PM. Fully Booked. Waiting list only.
Monday July 1st ‘Getting Loose with Watercolour’ 10.00AM - 3.00PM. Spots available
Wednesday July 3rd. ‘Sketching in the time you have’ 10.00AM - 3.00PM. Spots available

Who: Everybody welcome . All levels from beginners to experienced
Cost: £80 for one day. £150 for two days
BOOKINGS: Email me for a booking and payment form.

About Erin Hill
I've been hosting bespoke Sketch Holidays and Workshops since 2010 and for me seeing students who believed they couldn’t sketch, actually discover that they can is my greatest joy. We learn in a relaxed and enjoyable way to let go and allow whatever you see become the impression on your page.

All levels of sketching welcome, in fact the more experienced sketchers discover many techniques which polish up their work, while new sketchers discover a skill they’ll have for life.
The priority is always to show you special Erin Hill Sketching techniques to more quickly than you can believe, produce work to a standard you did not think possible. For watercolour enthusiasts, you’ll adore the way we use this medium.
Do come and discover what travel sketching is all about.

Day 1.
Simplifying Travel Sketching
Our first day will be about planning your page and getting onto your page what you see in front of you. We will look at the main shapes in our subject to get our first sketch done, with several tricks to get you more free. Once we apply aquarelle pencil colour you'll see how leaving whites and pushing darks creates dimension. We continue on location and complete our sketches over lunch. We’ll carry many of these tips over to day 2.

Day 2. Getting Loose with Watercolour
Today I’ll show you my special and quick technique for getting magical colour with just 8 or so colours.
Once we have our first sketch, we’ll start with where to put colour, how much water to add, and how to let your colours come together on the page.
We’ll do a location sketch and apply watercolour at lunch, and see the colours glow.
You’ll love the results.

What to bring: (Similar will be found at Cass Art.)
A5 Sketchbook, 125gsm or heavier, smooth paper. Or similar.
Black No 3 permanent drawing pen.
Set of 12 Staedtler Noris Club Aquarelle(watercolour) pencils. If you choose individual colours, yellow ochre is vital.
Small set of traveling watercolours. Cotman’s sets are fine.
Barrel sharpener
Water brush
Chinagraph pencil white.
Small water pot, hopefully with attached lid. (Sometimes pots which hold gum are perfect.)
Small pack of tissues

What else to bring: Money for lunch and coffee. A big smile.

A folding stool if you wish.
Rosemary & C0 1/4 inch dagger travel brush.
White Posca pen, Size 0.7mm. Bullet shaped nib.
TWSBI Diamond 580 fountain pen.


Erin Hill