Life Sketching Workshop. First time.

Model and Sketchers

Thursday January 24th 2019.

What a terrific night we had at our inaugural Sketching from Life Workshop in the Studio on Thursday eve.

Nobody who attended had had experience sketching from life, and neither did it matter.
What you find is that from the first 2 minute sketches your hand and hand are working together to get those beautiful flowing lines. We graduate to 5 minutes and take a little more time to observe where shoulders line up with this or that and so on. Later on with a lot of sketches on your pages you can see how well you’ve progressed.

I think of life sketching as a landscape. When you start to see those hills of Tuscany or French Alps as undulating lines you’ll begin to feel the form that you’re seeing on the model. That will show in your landscape sketches.

Rosie made her last pose for the evening as a lying down one, and there it was. My sketch is done with landscape colours. Why not. Use any colour you like. Everyone loved their results and the individual styles came shining through.

Erin Hill