Taste of Sketching Workshop. Sunday January 13th '19

What a great group we had today. Three were receivers of gifts from family and friends and delighted to add sketching to their lives. All from a wide and varied background, some with art experience and some without.

Not that any of that matters today. This is not about having talent as people believe. Its about learning to see. That’s what we teach you. The building blocks of observation. The foundation of all drawing.

Before long we have some very recognisable sketches on our pages.
I love it when someone says ‘I’m shocked. I can’t believe I can do this’ That is so exciting to hear.

Next it’s out on location to sketch the beautiful form of the Crepe Myrtle tree. I do my demo and everyone gets stuck in and does the tree sketch. At this point we are using aquarelle pencil to learn colour and leaving whites.

Hunger begins to set in so we take ourselves to our big table at Girdlers Cafe. Luciana and the staff are great at looking after us. Coffees are ordered and delicious choices from the menu. We carry on sketching. We do a 30 sec coffee sketch. Prepare a sketch ready for watercolour and sketch our food when it arrives. Exhausting but great fun. We also learn a little lettering which will make your sketch more of a story. A memory.

Once we’ve all eaten, we prepare our watercolours in the palette. Just 8 colours will get us all the colours we need. Chinagraph is demonstrated - to keep the vital whites and then one colour at a time is applied over the sketch. Now everyone is excited that they’re using paint. Everyone loves the way we let the colour drip and blend. No fiddling needed. The paint knows what to do.

Fab results everyone and a wonderful day. I love learning from you how sketching will add to your life. You’re on the way now. You are welcome to join our courses and tours and you have the skills now to continue.

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Erin Hill