Travel Sketching in Collage Workshops

Anne Scott.jpg

This is just a wonderful way to record those moments when you are somewhere far from home. Travel Sketching with collage.

With Ann Scott in her upcoming workshops, using collected bits and pieces, you’ll see how to use all those leaflets, postcards, stamps, newspapers, business cards and all the ephemera we love to collect on holidays. Get them home and you don’t know what to do with them.
Now you do. Take a look at the way she has folders of all her collected items. Then when you feel like it, maybe sitting in your hotel room with time to spare, get out your Modge Podge glue, tear a few things up and stick them all over your page.

No plan needed yet. You may even create several pages with bits of everything ready for the next stage when the moment strikes.

You may see a view of a laneway or a place that catches your eye, go ahead and sketch all over your pasted pages in black pen. Follow up with some paint, gouche or watercolour and watch it come to life.

The Workshops are in 3 parts and Anne has 3 different subjects over the 3 hours. Take a look at the pictures below and bring along what you have. Anne has lots to share so don’t worry. She also has glue and paint to share. She will demo everything with you as you go and take it step by step to make an interesting creations.

Anne’s Workshops will be held at Erin Hill Studio. 97 Sydney Rd, Manly.

Get in touch with Anne if you’d like to know more. Bring any sketchbook you like, preferably with paper which can take several layers being built up plus your sketch kit. Limited places. Have some fun.

Erin Hill