Music, dancing, sketching: What I discovered about Cuba. Elaine Buck

Hi Sketchers,
When Erin said she was taking a group to Cuba in April, I was so excited to say how wonderful my trip there had been.
My sketching journey started back in 2010 at the Manly EHS Studio, although I now live near Surfers Paradise where I enjoy all kinds of creative classes.

Cuba! The music in the streets, the wide roads in Havana city, tree lined walkways with bench seats. Perfect for sketching.

Three years ago I travelled with a group of twelve people in Cuba for three weeks. We flew from Sydney to South America (Santiago, Chile) stayed overnight, departing the next day for Havana .

The amazing Spanish traditional architecture, despite the unkempt appearance, was still appealing. So very much to sketch. 1960’s American cars, horse drawn carriages and carts.

Lots of artists in the street, who will try to sell their art to you and others who will make a quick sketch of you when you are not looking!

I found Havana to be a very safe city, easy to walk around and explore if on my own.

I was out and about at 6am one morning and heard singing and music even then at that hour. It was still dark! They are all such nice happy people who so love their music, singing and dancing.

A very enjoyable tour (mine was, sadly, not a sketching tour, however I did manage a few as you’ll see - and lots of photos).

Enjoy your sketching tour, some wonderful work will come forth.

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