Sketching in an hour at Harry Hartog Booksellers

This was another extremely enjoyable Workshop, in association with Harry Hartog Booksellers Warringah Mall. This is more than a bookshop. It's a destination. An experience. And that is what our Sketch Workshop was offering today.

A very keen group arrived to try the first steps in Travel Sketching.
Our first hour was about the philosophy behind the Erin Hill way of sketching and a live demonstration of flowers in an old jar. It's always with a little disbelief that people who haven't sketched before could even entertain the idea of producing something like they're seeing me do.

But that is the point here. Yes they can, and so can anybody. If you are shown how to take it step by step, you will sketch what you see in front of you. It's an impression. It's what you see in the moment. And that is exactly what happened.
Following the the tips and techniques they were hearing, each student went about their sketch quite happily, beginning to see their flowers emerge. We step back at times to see how it's looking, and decide if we're done or not. 
Within the hour everyone had completed a beautiful first sketch of the flowers on the table. 
We'll let you know when our next Sketching Workshop will be. Marvellous work everybody.

Harry Hartog Booksellers Warringah Mall are now stocking a number of publications on sketching. Sketching has become a world wide phenomenon as people discover how beneficial some time out and being creative can be. The books available are James Richards Freehand Drawing and Discovery, and Artist's Sketchbook by Cathy Johnson. Both a great start to your reference library.